Notice to our valued clients

We have been experiencing an incredibly heavily case load over the past few months due to COVID.  Unfortunately, we do not see an end in sight to this current situation.  We appreciate your patience with our scheduling policies & our staffing limitations.  We recognize that wait times are significantly longer than you are accustomed to.  We are simply trying to do our part to keep everyone safe.

We were notified this morning that 3 area clinics have been closed for quarantine due to COVID 19.  Unfortunately, that means that the remaining area clinics will need to absorb the abundance of sick & injured animals in our communities.  We will continue to do our best to see each pet based on the severity of need, but that means that wait times will be even longer for all pets.

Companion Animal Specialty & Emergency, our after-hours partner and closest specialty facility, is also experiencing a higher than normal volume of pets.  They are seeing patients based on basic triage principals of medical severity.  Their wait times are also much longer than normal.

We ask that you give us more time to fill medication & food orders and know that we are experiencing delivery delays & product shortages as well.  We are also aware that our phone lines are often busy when you try to call.  Please be patient, we will get to everyone.

Please know that none of us wants your pet to go unseen longer than necessary.  Our staff bring their “A game” to work every morning & go home exhausted every night.  They do it because your pet’s health matters to them as much as it matters to you.

Thank you for the trust you put in us to care for your pets.